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Great Ocean Walk Hike – Eva & Steven

Posted by On May 05, 2015 In Walkers Diaries

stepan-eva-great-ocean-walk-walk91 Great Ocean Walk Hike – Eva & Steven

We heard about Walk91 on the Internet….

We thought the walk was really great – a challenge at times but we did it because we expected it to be challenge. Overall the walk exceeded our expectations.


We were pleasantly surprised with the standard of accommodation & food provided. We really enjoyed staying at both places. We hope that the providers can maintain the standard.

The itinerary proved to be about right. We were concerned about being on time at the various pick-up points but we made it on time at all points.

One problem we had was that often we were not sure how far along the track we had walked. We kept track of time and estimated distance that way but that varies….

It would be helpful if some intermediate markers we placed on the  track. For example the map shows a number of lookouts along track. Unfortunately the lookouts are not named on the track or on the map. So once on the track, one can not be sure which  lookout is which. Even just naming the lookouts would be helpful….

Do you have any tips for future walkers?

If walkers have a GPS navigator which can track time and distance walked it would be great assistance of making sure they are able to arrive at pick-up points on time without undue stress.

(We did not have a GPS navigator but are considering getting one. Knowing how far one still has to walk is really valuable and we come across sparsely marked trails often).

Thank you Eva and Stephen for your feedback. We have just received confirmation that numbered markers will go on to the track from July. (Hooray!!) Therefore Walk91 will  add km’s to our notes as soon as July comes around. It will be a great help as the numbered marker poles will help walkers to have a realistic idea of the pace we are walking.

Thanks again Eva and Stephen for walking with us!

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