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Hike eating good hearty food in plentiful supply

Posted by On Mar 25, 2016 In Walkers Diaries

Fun-group-on-Great-Ocean-WalkHike eating good hearty food in plentiful supply

Dear Nancy,

I wanted to formally say Thank you to you and Mark for the fabulous time we had with your company, Walk 91, over the March long weekend just gone, on the Great Ocean Walk. The preparation work was thorough and professional, and thoughtful in that you suggested the bigger house with two bathrooms which was excellent.

Also, the catered option was a resounding success. Good hearty food in plentiful supply.

And Alison was very grateful to you for the offer of the loan of your hiking boots. She ended up buying some runners from High on Heels!

We also wanted to acknowledge the outstanding work done by Reuben during our tour. He was unfailingly helpful, punctual, understanding, funny and professional. He won the hearts of the seven 60-year old ( some of us are still 59 3/4) women!

The walk was energetic, challenging and a lot of fun. We are so glad we did it, and highly impressed with Walk 91.


From Walk 91:

Thanks Sally,  it was great to have you here and we are so happy that you enjoyed your Great Ocean Walk with us!


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