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Liz Brown Great Ocean Walk Trail

Posted by On Mar 05, 2015 In Walkers Diaries

12 Apostles close up Great Ocean WalkGreat Ocean Walk Trail

Hi Mark and Nancy,

I loved the Great Ocean Walk trail, and it worked out very well to walk with Anthony. We felt very compatible – similar hiking pace, similar outlook on life, and generally comfortable together. I’m glad it worked out that way for our walk. I especially appreciated all your support in the weeks before the hike and at the time of my arrival. Imagine my delight and surprise after traveling for nearly 12 hours from Sydney to get off a bus in a place I’ve never been and right away hear someone call my name.

Liz – Great Ocean Walk with Walk91

Hi Liz,

Thank you again for walking with us. We are really glad you had fun walking with Anthony and that you enjoyed your Great Ocean Walk trail experience. The Great Ocean Walk is lovely at this time of year and we are so glad the weather was great for you. Although many single walkers have done this trail alone (as it is well sign posted and easy to follow) it is fun to do it with another walker if you are in the mood for company!

It was nice to meet you and have fun walking in the future.

The Walk 91 team



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