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Mature walkers on Great Ocean Walk

Posted by On Mar 15, 2016 In Walkers Diaries

walking-group-walk91--Jan-CrosbyMature walkers on Great Ocean Walk

As a more mature group 65-70+ we were delighted to have the walk crafted around our needs. Those who did not wish to walk for the entire day had options of places to come out included in the itinerary.

The walk was SPECTACULAR.  Stunning vistas and varying vegetation, flora and fauna. Glorious wild beaches with ever changing colour of the surf the rocky plateau and towering headlands. Some parts pretty challenging walking, especially walking between Melanesia Gate and Moonlight Head. We were able to keep to the recommended times.

Maps and brochures colourful and informative. (Perhaps more indication of distances between vantage points and suggested stops for lunch).


Accommodation providers were most attentive to our every need from meals and dietary needs through to accommodation, accessibility for non walkers, drop off and pick up after the walk , including pick up for walkers finishing early….


Our comments for Parks Victoria: The boardwalks and wooden steps were in good order……only complaint is the difficulty in maintaining a normal stride on the wooden elevated strips.Signage was clear and accurate… more distance markers on the long stretches could be helpful. The seats at vantage spots were very welcome……maybe a few more logs along the way for our resting spots…..
Due to inaccessibility of much of the walk. Emergency assistance advice signs and possibly emergency assistance stations along the track would be advantageous.

Our tips as requested for future walkers?

Get fit.

Practice hiking up and down staircases.
Make sure your day pack fits well on your hips.
Wear in your hiking boots before embarking.
Carry at least 1.5 litres of water.
Binoculars and a small umbrella can be useful (for both sun and rain)
Carry first aid kit.

Electrolytes in pack also helpful for dehydration.

Carry an EPIwalk91-kangarooRB

Be advised before walking where mobile phones have coverage along the track.walk91-walking-in-sand

Thanks Jan Crosby

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